Hello little burger makers, welcome to the yummy fast food kitchen. It’s time for delicious junk food fun. Make your own delicious burgers, french fries chips and tasty drinks. You can play with lots of colourful cooking tools and ingredients. Kids can learn many fast food cooking techniques with lots of fast food fun. You can choose many types of burger buns, burger patties add with tasty fries and your favourite drinks. Kids get ready to play burger chef and make some fantastic homemade tasty burgers, french fries and different drinks.

Lets learn kitchen cooking techniques and make yummy meals. This super burger maker cooking game is full of taste and funny burger cooking adventure.

Little chefs! ready your homemade fast food in kitchen restaurant and cook something awesome. Select the burger bun of your choice then grill the any burger pattie among the different options. Decorate your burger with fresh salads and spicy sauces. Peel your potatoes, cut them and make yummy crispy fries. Don’t forget to serve yourself with refreshing drinks. Junior burger makers it’s time to level up your fast food cooking fun.

This kids burger making game will definitely excite the children with the best burger cooking enjoyment in the kitchen.

Kids get ready to become a real yummy burger chef. This fun cooking burger maker will awake the fast food chef inside you. You will cook, create, bake and decorate the tasty meals of your choice and become the best junior burger chef.


Colourful HD graphics

Easy to use interface

Unlimited combinations

Choose your favorite fast food snack to cook

Huge selection of ingredients like burger buns, burger patties, salads, vegetables, spices and sauces.

Customize your fast food with multiple vegetables salads, mayonnaise, cheese, olives, tomato slices and onion rings.

Many colours available for fancy trays and glasses

Many types of cooking appliances and tools.

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