Hello kids, everyone loves to eat tasty creamy cake maker desserts.Then why not try to bake yummy sweet unicorn cakes in cake cooking games & delicious animal cake design bakery. Lots of interesting activities of unicorn cake baking kitchen games for girls will give the little cake dessert maker chef the unlimited fun of running a tasty creamy cake maker shop.

Let’s begun the pretty unicorn cake baking craze. Get your aprons on and start the cake baking sweet kitchen adventure. Enjoy three modes of delicious unicorn cake maker baking games . Have lots of unicorn cake making master cooking fun . Enter the world of creamy cake dessert shop , blend the unicorn cake maker batter, enjoy personalized cake baking game, decorate yummy and beautiful fun shape sweet cake dessert.

In unicorn food dessert cake shop, all kinds of tasty crazy cake dessert cooking adventure is waiting for cake making dessert chef. Little crazy bakery chefs! Let’s start the journey of unicorn cake dessert sweet kitchen and enjoy the unlimited fun of unicorn cake cooking dessert food. Lots of interesting unicorn cake dessert food maker activities will amaze you .

Beautiful animation of dessert making sweet pastry shop give the real joy of cake cooking games. Full of enjoyment three modes of yummy unicorn cake kitchen games. Amazing customized and personalized cake baking kitchen. Cake order dessert bakery, and other exciting features of cake dessert cooking games for girls have a bundle of fun. Yummy dessert chefs also enjoy by different unicorn cake making flavors, tasty cake dessert frosting & animal cake icing customization. Enjoy sprinkles, candy cake design baking and unicorn cake master cooking in this yummy cake decorating game for girls.

Yummy dessert maker chef can also enjoy unicorn cake dessert baking madness by playing amazing unicorn food maker games, animal cake design bakery, rainbow cake design decoration ,and rainbow frost pastry dessert kitchen

Unicorn Cake Maker Levels:

Free mode:

In unicorn cake baking games for girls, free mode gives freedom to personalized cake dessert chef to bake and decorate the unicorn cake making dessert whatever they like to do.

Menu Mode of Animal Cake Baking Games:

There is a menu card book of orders where a unicorn cake baking chef will select an order and try to follow the selected order.

Order Mode of Rainbow Cake Maker Dessert:

In this cake order dessert making games for girls, yummy unicorn cake maker chef will generate orders. Try hard to bake the personalized cake sweet dessert according to the orders. Because expert judges will give the points by comparing the unicorn cake dessert cooking with the orders.In the customized cake baking games, lots of lovely cake decorating stuff is available. Especially the animal cake design dessert is a very famous order that will come to bake. Unicorn shape and other animal cake are very interesting customized cake baking options. Unicorn cake stands customization candies, sprinkles, icing, cream, and frosting will double the fun of unicorn cake baking games for girls.


Beautiful graphics and enjoyable music.

Amazing super cool animation.

In unicorn cake baking kitchen dessert bake tasty personalized cakes with multiple cakes recipes, animals shape decoration, lovely customization & flavors.

Amazing set of yummy cake maker games challenges.

Lots of decorations and cute toppings.

Super cool background, tools, and colors.

Follow the orders & unlock the achievements by getting the points and happy and sad expressions of judges.

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