Let’s become the vet clinic pet animal dentist in the ER emergency hospital. Start the oral teeth dental surgery. Be a kind crazy pet doctor and treat all the pet baby animals kindly. Enjoy the fun and the dentist doctor dental surgery of the pet animals. Use all the equipment wisely to fix the teeth. This is the crazy dentist dental doctor hospital game where pet animals are the patients of some oral disease. Let’s start dentist surgery now. Experience the pet baby hospital adventure now.

Reach to the animal dentist hospital and wait for your turn for the oral surgery. You have come to the best pet dentist doctor. Now it’s your turn to start the animal treatment. Become the best surgery pet doctor in town so that all the patients will come up to you for the pet dentist surgery treatment.

You are in the ER emergency dental surgery clinic now. There are multiple baby pet animal patients that are waiting for turn.

Clean the teeth then before they become the decayed tooth again. Now check the baby pet animal thoroughly like check the body temperature with the thermometer, check the ECG and the blood pressure to make sure that the patient can undergo the major teeth animal dental surgery simulator. As the patient health safety is more important.

Next with your equipment begin the cleaning of the teeth by sucking out dirty water and germs from them and then finally brushing teeth of the pet animal teeth. After that begin the official first treatment of teeth by using a scaling machine at the baby pet animal dentist clinic, and then inject tube in mouth to suck out any obvious germs!! Spray mouth for cleaning the disgusting areas like pet doctor really do!!

Then for next pet animal dental surgery treatment, give mouth injection to release excess germs and fill any cracks left by cavity or extraction germs!! And lastly clean the teeth and make them look fresh and new by picking a bad tooth and replacing it with a new one and giving a finishing shine.


10 baby pet animal patient to select

Pet dentist doctor surgery simulator

Variety of dental surgery tools for the oral treatment

On screen controls with detailed gameplay

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