Have fun in the Baby Toon Town Game!!

Do you love spending hours in decorating your baby doll house? Get back to your childhood and keep yourself busy while recreating the dream house interior design through this game. Enjoy the house design adventure and set every item as you wish. Just touch and interact with almost every item in the doll house. Let’s have fun in the baby toon town house. This is your toon town and place everything according to your desire.

Lots of fun ahead whenever you play this baby doll house adventure game. Set whatever room you want to. Come and play this addictive baby toon town house decoration game. Enter into the baby room interior house to place the items wherever you want. Change the interior house settings and make it more beautiful. Touch and interact with everything you see in the dream house. Play this fun filled my doll house decoration in the baby toon town. Remind yourself of the childhood days.

Your toon town house is waiting for you to make the interior home more attractive. So, play this game of baby doll house decoration now. Be the professional interior designer. You can turn on the lamp, lit up the fire from the fireplace. Turn on the washing machine to wash the dirty clothes at the laundry time. Interact with the things you want to move in the room.


Interior house decoration game

Touch and move items placed in the baby doll house

4 highly detailed rooms of the baby toon town dollhouse

Open ended play and fun game

Set a beautiful town doll house room

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