Hi there little princess! You can now live in a royal princess castle of your own and have all the fun a royal princess can have! Do you think that you are ready for the best royal castle life? If yes then come on and start your royal princess castle adventure in mini town. This princess castle will become your dream home!

There are going to be many rooms in the Mini town royal princess castle for you.There is going to be a Prince Hall where you can eat a feast with the prince and princess and have fun! There is also going to be a kids room for you to sleep and play with fun royal princess toys. You can even play a little game with an air balloon and cute little fairy!

In another room you will also be able to play dress up and dress your characters in cute little crowns and beautiful clothes. You can also do makeup on your character and make them look all beautiful! There is also going to be a royal princess bathroom where you can take a bath and play with cute little toys of the mini town royal princess castle.

There is also a huge royal kitchen in the royal princess castle of mini town. There is going to be a lot of yummy food in it! The fridge has all kinds of tasty food for the little royal princess of mini town. These amazing Mini Town games are great for your toddlers sensory capabilities. You can have fun living with the royal princess family of mini town so don’t miss your chance!

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