Welcome to the animal baby bunny daycare house. Lovely baby bunny is waiting for you to take care of him. Be the best pet daycare babysitter and give a satisfying daycare treatment to bunny pet. Groom your animal pet bunny in your own baby animal daycare house. Take care of baby bunny, care, feed, dress up and salon as well. Perform different activities to care for little baby bunny pet in nursery animal daycare house.

Be the best baby nursery nanny in the cute pet daycare games. Time to take care of the little bunny pet and play with the cute bunny animal. Have fun and learn to take care of the fun-loving cute little pet bunny in the pet care house game. Enjoy this lovely pet care games now with the most amazing interactive graphics and animations.

Firstly dress up the baby pet from the different collections of clothes. Feed bunny with the different baby animal food items like fruits, milk, etc and whatever you want. Don’t give them the food that the baby doesn’t like. Take the animal baby to play with the most exciting collections of baby toys.

After some rest take pet animal to the garden to enjoy with the variety of baby swings. Outdoors activities offer endless fun for kids. You can spend some great time with an animal baby pet at the playground swings and slides. Learn efficiently how to care a baby pet in the open places. Now, it’s time to take a bath to a baby pet bunny with different baby bath items. Wash and clean your pet baby, use hair, body cleaning baby tools. Dress up in clean clothes.

Show some love and affection, when a pet will not feeling well and crying loudly. Maybe the baby is feeling cold and wants heat around his place. Check baby body temperature by thermometer and treat according to condition. Treat well until the pet is not starting to feel well.


Random scene selection for the baby bunny pet animal

Cute baby animal care simulator

Unlock different baby animals

Different activities for pet animal

High-quality HD Graphics

Different treatments in the animal daycare babysitter house

Cute sound effects like laughing, crying, shouting, etc

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