Are you looking for the coolest frozen dessert game in town? Well! Look no further, amazing Ice cream roll maker crazy kids fun game is here. This free yummy ice cream rolls are the best to kill the summer heat wave with your frozen dessert ice cream rolls. Your crazy toddler can make your own stir fried ice cream rolls! You can also learn how to make the stir fried ice cream rolls at home. Stir fried ice cream dessert maker will let your crazy kid choose the flavor of your choice! Choose any one flavor out of a variety of flavors including strawberries, blueberries, oranges, kiwi, chocolate brownie and pineapple chocolate chips. Unleash the designer in you and decorate your delicious frozen dessert ice cream rolls in really fun toppings and frozen ice cream cup. Cool down with the yummiest flavors and chilled stir fried ice cream dessert.

Stir fried ice cream dessert maker will immediately indulge you into the game that you will get lost in the land of yummilicious ice cream rolls! This easy to make ice cream will make you want to have some too! Stir fried yummy ice cream rolls are very easy to make. Stir fried ice cream rolls frozen dessert are very easy to make in real life too. First you will have to turn on the ice pan and let it cool to -15 to -20 ° degrees. Then you will have to pour milk on the ice pan and let it cool. Then you can add sugar,vanilla and your choice of fruit. Now your little crazy kid have to cut it and mix all these ingredients. When your little toddler are done mixing of the delicious summer dessert, put your choice of syrup on the stir fried ice cream dessert. Now, cut and roll the summer ice cream into separate rolls. Place them in a cup of choice and add sprinkles and sticks of your choice. Now enjoy the cool ice cream frozen dessert in this hot weather with your little crazy kid.


Cute and fun 3D graphics to enhance your experience.

Amazing sound effects.

Easy to use controls.

Easy to make stir fried ice cream recipe.

Choose your own flavors!

Choose your own toppings from a number of toppings.

Best yummy frozen dessert game!

Cool down with the best ice cream rolls in town!

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