The royal princess is waiting for you for the house painting. So let’s build the dream princess castle house design. The creative and innovative is now available for the kids now. Make your dream of the dream house design now. Enjoy making and the castle house decoration in the most amazing princess games for girls. Let’s help the royal princess in castle drawing and house decoration and in the end get ready for the dream princess dressing.

Discover all the girly things that are needed for the royal castle house painting. Avail different options in making the dream princess castle now. Download this beautiful princess dressup game in which you are playing around the royal princess things for the dream house painting. The game is not ended here. There is more to do. Yes! You can start the princess makeover after that like the put on her clothes, shoes, hair and different accessories to make her the real royal princess in this dream house decoration game.

Play this super amazing build princess house castle game now and have fun! For the princess castle decoration, you need to do some cutting of the cardboard paper to make the beautiful dream princess house. Now it’s time to select your favorite castle palace that you want to draw. Start the pasting process on the appropriate place. Time for the dream house painting and you are given a variety of colors for the royal palace. Apply different colors on the castle design. Do some royal house decoration now and make it perfect with your innovative skills!

Yay! You have drawn the beautiful royal princess castle!! Your dream house is ready to live in!

Let’s start the princess dressing now. Change the dress and put on the royal dress, change the color of the dress with different colors with matching shoes on her feet. Put the accessories on the dream princess with hair and crown. Make the princess girl that you have dreamt of. The dream princess dressup has completed now. Save the image in your gallery to show your creative skills to your friends and family.


3 different royal castle for the house design

User interactive tools for castle drawing

Detailed gameplay for drawing, pasting and house painting

Variety of different colors to apply on the dream house design

Tap to dress up the princess in the latest fashion

Save the final house decoration and dressup girl in gallery

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