Relax and calm your nerves with the anti stress relaxing DIY sequin simulator!

Do you want to relax yourself? Just swipe your finger around the screen and feel the glitter sequins in different gradients and textures! The live sequin flip will make you addicted for hours! Convert your device into a magic fun sequin and play with it. Try this sequin flip simulator in tons of sparkling gradient colors and textures.

The addictive anti stress DIY sequin simulator is what you are waiting for you! Just download the relaxing fun sequin flip simulator and calm yourself with this amazing fun sequin game.


Realistic effect of colorful sequins

Anti stress sequin flip calming app

Relaxing sounds of moving glitter sequins

Tons of textures and gradients

Choose your favorite texture or color for the DIY sequin flip

Magical live sequin flip app to relax your mind

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